An American essay

             Fear of Looking Bad: America Facing the World


A friend curiously asked me whom would I vote for: Obama or McCain?

I shared with him my own feeling as an American just like you who happen to be as like-minded as I am.

 It was awesome that two hundred thousand Germans came out to rally for Obabma.

 A whole continent of Africa support and pray for Obama.

 We Americans LOOK GOOD in the eyes of the world, thanks to Obama.

On the other hand, McCain, whom I have and will call an American hero, who like others is a holistic human being: good and beautiful, bad and ugly. I see him in my eyes, heart and soul through loyalty-colored lenses:

The 4-generation Americans, McCain’s Admiral grandfather, his Admiral father, Sen. McCain himself a Navy pilot, his Naval Academy cadet son, reflect profoundly a deep tap root within the patriotic soil of this great country.

When America faces a national crisis, the good ghosts of the McCain Family will loyally stand firm for this nation and its vital interests. There is no need for superficial LOOKING-GOOD in front of the world for us Americans. Only the good deeds America has traditionally done for herself and for the world is necessary. I can attest to it: I am an American citizen who once was a refugee from Vietnam.

America need not fear LOOKING BAD and losing the world’s love, because we have the blessing from God-and-Country. We have always prevailed. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Linh Duy Vo, Poet

(Impecunious, grateful citizen)

29 October 2008 ©



Dedicated to the U.S. Navy

America's Security




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