My dear friend…


The year of 2011 is now walking in the space of its third full moon… Time has journeyed away from your 18th birthday on that autumn day, and you are now 18 going on 19 when the next autumn comes.


But for now, I want to have a loving conversation with you in the realm of love and gratitude…


Yes dear, shall we be present to the feelings of a child born and survived the danger of birth: Mom, Dad, I have come a long way from the very moment I was saying goodbye to your womb. You both have kept me alive the first rough year, and every year after. I thank you, Mom, Dad.


Dad, you have a tough world out there to make enough money to send me overseas, attending a prestigious High School named Fairmont . Somewhere in a corner of Africa, India , Vietnam , Cuba , or Kenya , a child is walking barefoot because her parents could not afford a pair of sandals for themselves.


Here, you have given your all, and I have all received…


I have decided to shift my paradigm to seeing you as my larger-than-life fatherly figure. Voila, you are and will be always my Dad. And no human being can replace the space of you. No matter how your enemies have judged you, they cannot control my love, your daughter’s love and gratitude…


Yes, my love and gratitude.


At 10161 Edgewood Lane , somewhere in the golden sate of California .



Written for a daughter I never had.

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03.04.2011, 04:02 hrs PDT







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