Major General Homer D. Smith April 1975



Defending an American Viet Vet

            (A sonnet for my Papas San)


“The Girl in the Photograph,” Kim Phuc’s called,

June 8, nineteen seventy-two: war, hell;

South Vietnam’s Pilot Duc Nguyen dropped a scald,

It hit the nine-year-old girl …. a bombshell. 


Associated Press got Pulitzer Prize,

Our American Vietnam vets were spat.

The media helps Kim Phuc patronize:

“I forgive that pilot” – but who and what?


Voilà! Kim Phuc’s Foundation, fundraising,

Speak of “Napalm” but mute “the Viet pilot.”

Kim stirs up Americans’ guilt-feeling,

They could not help but open the wallet.


There is a lie beneath her sad burnt skin;

Papa, her money trail has done you in.


Linh Duy Vo

Sunday, 3 June 2012©

“The Boy in the Poem”

Poet's Note:   On Sunday, December 14, 1997, of John Plummer’s claim that he “ordered” the Vietnamese pilot to drop the Napalm -- you and I can verify that with the South Vietnam pilot who lives in Northern California -- The Baltimore Sun investigative article by Tom Bowman, he wrote: “Veteran’s Admission to Napalm Victim A Lie.”



The South Vietnam SkyraiderPhotographed by Linh D. Vo, Liberty Baptist Church, Newport Beach, CA, Sunday, 3 June 2012


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