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From: Xuan Mai <>
To: Duy-Linh Vo <>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 16:35:29 -1000
Subject: Re: Ve Mien Trung

Aloha Duy Linh,

Love your website - very touching! I spent hours to read it and CAN'T THANK
YOU enough for expressing the gratitude to America for thousands and
thousands of Vietnamese Americans. Thank you for saying it ALL for us.
We're living in this country with grateful hearts!

Xuan-Mai la ban cua KQuy, MNhon, Thanh Tung, Kim Tien etc....biet va doc
website cua Duy Linh cung nhu "Dear Daddy" ... nhung hom nay moi co dip cam
on anh. My family and I are very grateful for what we have each and every
day in this greatest country in the world. I love your poems - Nguoi My
chac chan se cam thay noi dau cua minh duoc xoa diu voi nhung loi tho chan
tinh and the sincere gratitude that you have for America.



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