Notes ... from your hearts 

.... Thank you for your letter and kind words.... And thank you for sharing your poems and your life story.  With best wishes.  From General Colin L. Powell -- handwritten letter of August 23, 1996.

.... You were good to think of me and I want you to know how pleased I am by your kindness.  Thank you for the copy of your book "Dear Daddy."  Thank you too for your kind words and appreciation of my work.  Your gift is a wonderful addition to my library and a wonderful reminder of a thoughtful fan.  Dolores joins me in sending you our best.  Regards.  From Bob Hope with his unique signature -- letter of December 8, 1997 ( On December 6, I presented my book to Bob Hope in person to thank him for his tours to Vietnam for my Viet Vet Daddy.)

.... Your book of poetry Dear Daddy now has a place of honor in my Washington DC office alongside the powerful book Offerings at the Wall.  From Congressman Steve Horn, my former President at Cal State Long Beach -- Ceremony of Memorial Day 1998.

.... He brought to the reunion his book of poetry which was nominated for a Pulitzer honor--the story of his life and the feeling of love for his new country--the United States of America.  The feeling we shared that evening, 2 May 1998, Saigon Mission Association reunion banquet, was one of joy for him as well as love for this country of great opportunity and pride for the many who served as soldiers or civilian soldiers that made this life story possible.  From General Ben Register -- June 1998 Newsletter/Saigon Mission Association.  General Homer Smith, who stayed in Saigon the last hours to secure the refugees evacuation, has been very loving to me since we met at the reunion.  I felt deeply honored and humbled that both Generals asked me to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

.... Thank you for your generosity and your gift copy of Dear Daddy to the Buena Park Library District.  Both your writing and your work with veterans have contributed to healing the wounds left by a difficult time in our history.  From Linda Katsouleas, Library Director, Buena Park Library District, California, established in 1919 (letter of March 9, 1999).

.... Impressive.  Your work is as immortal as any wall that man can erect. Your story is not only about Vietnam, but it is all about humanity -- its good and, unfortunately, its bad.  It covers the goodness of mankind and it covers the wickedness....  Your humbleness is astounding.  If you remember, Christ Himself stated that we can come to Him only like a little child, humble and innocent.  With this mail I sent my love, affection and most of all, my gratitude for allowing me to see the soul of such a wonderful person.  My respect for you is without question, my support for your endeavor is forever.  From Pamela Yates, History teacher, Perry, FL - April 12, 1999.

.... At our Memorial Day Service for American and Vietnamese veterans I would like to quote from your book, Dear Daddy.  I have to tell you, it brings up so many emotions.  I also want to remember the "boat people."  Your book makes me cry.  I don't understand it.  There is so much feeling.  It's so wonderful.  From Dave Murray, Chairman, POW/MIAs Committee, New Jersey - April 17, 1999.

.... Linh, it is beautiful.  I am honored.  We felt as though we are a part of your family.  I saw myself through your eyes, and the vision is still with me.  I will be your "Daddy," you will be the son I wanted to adopt but didn't/couldn't.  We want to be part of your family, so full of love. Thank you for your gifts of healing and love.  From USMC helicopter pilot Col. Mike Williams.  Camp Pendleton - July 19, 1999.

.... Linh, thank you for writing your book.  I know that it has helped a lot of Viet vets and mothers and fathers of men who did not come back as I did.  It helps to make our work easier.  From Max Stewart, President V V A Chapter 756, Long Beach, California - July 28, 1999.

.... After viewing your works this morning, perhaps the years I spent were not as wasted as I once believed!  Also, your reference to Columbine was short, moving and I sincerely thank you.  From Dan Morris, Viet vet and Columbine parent - August 26, 2000.

.... Your 'Gratitude' site continues to grow in reflection of the magnitude and beauty of your grateful heart and compassionate soul.... unique and rare.... in a world where such qualities unfortunately appear, all too often, to be undergoing  massive  erosion ...
May your beacon of words continue to shine impactfully, and your gifts continue to grow; so as, to one day be remembered among those of civilization's greatest poets... 
From C. Kovan, M.D., April 12, 2003.

Hi Mr. Vo,
.... The words of your poems are beautiful and hopeful. I am happy and encouraged
to know that there are people out there who dare to write as honestly as you. 
From Rebecca Isaacsor, Carleton College,  December 23, 2004.

Hello Mr. Vo,
I visited your inspirational website and stayed for over two hours reading and appreciating your love and gratitude for The United States of America (our beautiful County). I truly enjoyed myself as I read and read, sipping on green tea and listen to the lovely music. You are much to be admired for your grateful poetry and your devotion to give back to humanity. Thank you, for touching our lives and opening our souls with your passionate creativity. May God Bless you and your beautiful family. Yours truly, Sandra M. Corral, County of Los Angeles Employee.
January 24, 2005.

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Date: 7/8/2005 6:14:09 PM Pacific Standard Time
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I see a process forming here - almost like the granite mountains. Ever
changing, yet firm. You, my dear brother, are a jewel. It takes
thousands of years to form a diamond, and you have succeeded in much
less time. Keep it up and one day when both you and I are gone, your
monuments of words will still stand.

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Beautiful Linh. Amazing that you can feel the pulse of the Spirit and yet put it so succinctly yet like an essence of a flower floating on the breeze. love, b [from Bridget B., M.D.]




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