Straight, Gay, Nature


He … who thinks…

In the name of God, mullahs

Can do the impossible:

Murder by car-bomb suicide

To resolve his hatred issues --

And our world’s problems.

He, in the name of the Higher Power,

Hides a woman’s face by a burka;

She happens to be his Mother.


He … who thinks…

In the name of God,

Can do the impossible:

Make his fellow humans feel guilty,

For not being a straight

While his son/daughter is gay…


His profession happens to be a preacher,

His making a living is to preach:

“God told me last night that gay equates to sins…”

A churchgoer sat silently at the corner --

He had served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam...


His son has been in Afghanistan,

Fighting for an American’s freedom to be true to himself:

Not “Don’t ask, don’t tell,”

As he is and always will serve his country with honor.


The Viet vet stood up and sighed,

“God, now on, it’s just between You and me…”


Linh Duy Vo

27 September 2011, 10:10 PDT


Poet's Note: Dedicated Papa San Paul Faidley, a Vietnam helicopter pilot and proud Dad,, whose son Patrick is gay. This writer has been invited to stay at his home in Dallas. Who is Patrick? He is a talented, kind-hearted human being.







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