The Press

In our country, America

The PRESS is Ö god

It can glorify a war-protesting President

It can demonize a warrior Commander-in-Chief

Thatís fine

Itís the freedom of press.

But when press freedom

Roams around without compassion

Without a sense of American patriotism,

It becomes nerve gas.

It burns your guts

It ruins your sleep

You have nightmares:

Seeing the press like a napalm flame

Peeling off layers of your emotions.

The burn inside

Blows away the mercury...

'Cause there isn't a physical gauge.


What did TIME and CNN say?

A story about nerve gas?

Linh Duy Vo
(The Boy in the Poem)
9 June 1998 ©

A note of history:

Washington Post, April 1971 -- The syndicated column by Jack Anderson ruined the raids to extract our American MIAs.

Newsweek, 10 May 1971 -- The article helped doom the POWs searches. (SOG, by John L. Plaster, pp 284, 302)

The Associated Press, 8 June 1972 -- Nick Ut's photo felled millions of people of South Vietnam.  "My picture stopped the Vietnam War," said Kim Phuc  (the photo subject), Paris, France, on the Eve of Veterans Day 1997

TIME / CNN -- June 1998 -- "Operation Tailwind," the nerve gas...      

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