“There is a distinction between the Presidency and the President of the United States of America. One ought to discern that the man who is voted to hold the honor of the U.S. Presidency for 4 to 8 years will go back to being a common citizen after that.” --Linh D. Vo, Poet, Thanksgiving 2009


God gives me the air to breathe
And America breathes life into me with her Liberty.
God gives me a heart to beat
And America transfuses into it her blood of the Free.

Linh Duy Vo
The last Memorial Day of the 20th Century
May 31, 1999 ©



Our U.S.A. Flag, taken out of DAO Headquarters, Tan Son Nhut Airport, Saigon, 29 April 1975.

I am honored to be given to by Louis Schuster in honor of the Last Commanding General of the Vietnam War.

Photo taken on July 4, 2007.







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