Portrait of Gerald R. Ford




Our Blessed U.S. President 

Born: July 14, 1913 in Omaha, Nebraska
Died: December 26, 2006 in Rancho Mirage, California

President Gerald R. Ford, you now are resting in peace,
Reigning our hearts of love and gratitude
Equilibrium you recovered for our land
Starting the Operation Frequent Wind, your rich of humanity embraced us
In the most difficult time of your presidency.
Darkness blanketed the fall of Saigon,
Emptily South Vietnam stood up to those bullies
Northern Communist's tanks crushed the gates of liberty.
To the despair you reached out with hopes
God bless you, Sir, God bless America
Ephemera we left with the northern victors
Reaching America's shores of freedom.
A flow of tears inside the depth of your heart,
Learning of the tragic crash of the Operation Babylift C-5 aircraft
Decades have passed, America's history chapter engraved
Ford, the U.S. 38th President, healed the nation in turmoil.
Oh Jesus Christ, our God, He embraces your soul;
Rest in peace, my dear President, I am grateful eternally
Destiny has you become the blessed symbol of humanity… 

Linh Duy Vo
December 31, 2006 ©



Operation Babylift



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