November 25, 2004

Dear Papa San,

    Yesterday, I was at Warren High School where my daughter Tam attended and son Tan is graduating from this summer.  I felt so much love by the AP honors English teacher and her students as I shared with them my blessed calling as a poet.  I read my classic/signature poem "Dear Daddy" and they were silent. I told them about the sacrifice of our beloved American soldiers who have and are dying to protect America's air, land and sea, so that they can sit in the classroom to pursue their dreams of American Dreams...
    I let the teacher read the poem "Quiet " (; and I led them to picture the American soldier going off to war, leaving his wife at home as she is praying for him and missing him.
    The topic I created is "The Language of Gratitude."  I left in their hearts with a thankful poetry reading on the Eve of Thanksgiving.
    I thank you for loving us as we so love you.
God Bless,
Linh Vo and Family




A Mission


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