From California to Washington, D.C., with love and gratitude 

Our Sacred Oval Office


January 1999

One must hurt for those who dearly revere the beauty and sacredness of our country's symbol of honor: The Oval Office.

One can hardly hold back his tears of pride while standing before the replica of the Oval Office at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.  The narrating voice of our dear President Reagan seems to pierce my heart, "I would not dare take off my coat while working in the Oval Office out of my respect for this sacred room..."

From this unique room comes the legacy of an American President.  And it is not all about the "rich economy" or the gift of the gab imposing upon common citizens like myself. It's a MAN'S HONOR. 

I once expressed the thought in one of my poems that: A great number of Americans seem to forget to pay gratitude to God for His blessings upon our great nation, and for the present bountiful economy. Many elected officials tend to advocate and influence others to devotedly give sole credit to the current president.  Where is the In God We Trust? If the country printed a new dollar bill with the imprint of a new American President, would In God We Trust be left out?

Just a thought. May my sharing be a thanksgiving to my beloved country, America.  And, let's forget not those brave Americans who are protecting this great nation's air, land and sea 24 hours a day, and our forefathers who had gone to many wars fighting for PEACE for America, and for other citizens of the world.  Past, Present and Future.

 Linh Duy Vo
(The Boy in the Poem)





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