A Grateful Ballad

 Dedicated to Guy Holliday and America's educators
And all students at Warren High School, Downey, California


The Drum Major moved her baton gracefully

The blue-and-gold clad band members were in rhythms

The music filled the air

The color guards danced their flags

The music teacher gave his all to the band.


The skies are their limits

The students got up the earliest

Rain or shine they came to practice

“Only positive attitudes beyond this point”

The music teacher gave his all to the band.


The High School band transformed my dear daughter,

From a pianist to flautist to drumline captain to valedictorian

The 100-plus musical members became her family

Once she was late, she did her pushups with integrity

It came from her teacher who gave his all.


A parent can only say and discipline within limits

A teacher bears on his shoulder a much heavier load

He chooses to be detached from personal feelings,

Forging the endurance, stamina and tolerance;

The music teacher gave his all to his students.


The hard-working band is not for everyone

It’s like West Point’s territory

Once you choose to elevate your level of thinking,

A motto on the door that keeps the negatives out;

The music teacher gave his all to the band.


My gratitude to you, teachers, for your American blessing

My child would not have been accepted to a good college

Had it not been for you and your fellow educators;

With your educational principle,

You all have given your hearts to America’s children.


Linh Duy Vo

Thanksgiving 2002©


No Child Left Behind




© Copyright by Linh Duy Vo.  All rights reserved.