A Kiss Left in the Skies of San Francisco


The full moon is dangling 
Shining the beautiful desert 
Somewhere in Baghdad. 
Where are you, my love? 
Do you see the moon as I see? 
Do you see my face behind the burka? 
I yearn to receive a kiss 
But fear has been instilled in me since my childhood; 
The eternal voice from the Mosque 
Echoes "It is evil for a woman to be kissed -- in public..." 
My love, I'm 18 and I'm sweet. 
How many lives will we have missed? 
Somewhere in San Francisco 
The fireworks brighten the moonless skies. 
Celebrating the American freedom, the 4th of July; 
On the view tower of the Marriott Hotel 
The American veterans, Vietnam Helicopter pilots, 
Gather for the 22nd reunion with passion. 
A poetic image takes place 
A beautiful woman is being kissed. 
It's so serene, romantic, human; 
The couple is oblivious to the crowd 
So is the crowd to the kissing lips. 
A poet happens to be present to his being a poet; 
The kiss in the skies enlightened the muse inside, 
He asked for permission to capture the piece of humanity 
To treasure it as one face of his journey 
A journey alongside the American Blessing, 
Freedom and Liberty... 

Linh Duy Vo

July 6, 2005





A Mission


  Copyright by Linh Duy Vo.  All rights reserved.