Tnh Cờ                             Chance


Anh tm sự, em nghe hồn an ủi                     Your sharing of feelings brought me comfort

Giữa lng đời cn biết c ai đy?                  You have given me a shoulder to lean on

i định mệnh đau thương như trang sch       Of my fate, like a page, it is filled with pain

Em đọc rồi tan biến nỗi chua cay                   I have finished reading it, my sorrow evaporates

Mai gặp nhau tm anh trong giấc ngủ              The next sunset, I will find you in my sleep,

Yu thương người l thương chnh em đy  Loving you means my being present to myself...


V Duy Linh                                                       Linh Duy Vo
October 9, 2006                                                         
                            English verses written November 25, 2006  




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