From Baghdad to Hanoi

March 19, 2003, the shot was heard around the world,
The American and British Liberators went after Saddam Hussein.
Hanoi's propaganda machine started,
Telling of the innocent victims of war,
Keeping its Vietnamese listeners in the dark 
About Saddam's reign of terrors.
It defended the man's enslaving his Iraqis
It did not show the fall of Saddam's statue.
Is Hanoi ashamed of its own slavery
Which has kept Hanoi's Communism thrive
While the poor rural Vietnamese are suffering
Behind the black curtain 
Separating them and the foreign tourists? 

Linh Duy Vo
May 6, 2003 ©


“Whatever chemical, biological, or nuclear evidence the United States and its allies may find, they have already eliminated the real weapons of mass destruction: Saddam Hussein and his evil government. 

It was Saddam and his circle of thugs who were responsible for the violent and often sadistic deaths of an estimated million human beings. It was they who gassed men, women, and children en masse. It was they who hanged, shot, beheaded, and dismembered people to death for thinking the wrong thoughts, having the wrong friends, uttering the wrong words--or for no reason at all. It was they who murdered the youngest and sickest of Iraq’s people by embezzling tens of millions of oil-for-food dollars and spending them on obscene pleasure palaces for themselves instead of medicine and bread for the weak and hungry.”

 --Jeff Jacoby, Columnist, The Boston Globe, April 28, 2003




A Mission


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