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It’s America’s Security, Stupid!


A kind of civic-mindedness pulls me into the exciting process of America’s democracy. I couldn’t help but reminisce about President Bill Clinton’s  campaign slogan.

So now, presidential election 2008: “It’s America’s Security, Stupid!”

Consider this as my heartfelt sharing. My patriotic feeling is that of prioritizing between the global economic crisis and America’s national security.

Besides the Iranian and North Korean nuclear issues, we are in war with global Islamic extremists who will try to terrorize us with a new September 11.

In a few short months President Bush will bid farewell to our sacred Oval Office, which all our chief executives have sacredly treated, that is all except President Clinton.

Sen. Barrack Obama has engraved in our minds his linking of Sen. John McCain with President George Bush, whom I, as a common citizen, felt honored to shake hands with, as I did at the site of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the early morning of Veterans Day 2002.

On the other hand, the liberal media have succeeded in putting aside both Sen. Barrack Obama’s intimate connection with Pastor Jeremiah Wright, who publicly denounced and cursed our good America in a sea of hateful church-sermons and Obama’s former associates, who had a record of trying to destroy our country by terrorism.

To our beloved America, my prayer is with In God We Trust.


Linh Duy Vo, Poet

30 October 2008©



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