Tiễn Đưa


Ny hơi thở Hồ Ty sương buổi sng

Hai tri tim gặp gỡ đất H Thnh

Ước mơ xưa một chuyện tnh nguyn vẹn

i tuổi đời sao qu vội đi nhanh

Nhưng định mệnh; em, anh giờ hai lối

Giữ g đy, chỉ một giấc chim bao

Đỗ bn sng, thuyền tan trong ging bo

i xt xa buồn, xin trả lại trăng sao


V Duy Linh

August 25, 2006


Echo from Ho Tay Lake  

             (Tiễn Đưa)

Our predestined love for each other breezed in on Ho Tay lake

One foggy morning when we first met in this ancient city of Hanoi .

In a realm of dreams we yearned for an adorned love story,

We awoke with the reality of how ephemeral life is.

Fate had its own hand on us: our paths then diverged

It left us with a longing dream.

The boat had just found its shore as the storm came,

The heavy raindrops flooded our paths of the unknown  


Linh Duy Vo

English version written October 3, 2006




A Mission


  Copyright by Linh Duy Vo.  All rights reserved.