Happy Birthday Papa San


Chance, I met Lynette, your loving daughter

At a flowing part of my life river,

Radiant smiles on her face

Letting me perceive your fatherly love space

Just as a Papa San who had been in Vietnam ,

Embracing the gift of Freedom

Defining who he is as a Viet Vet

Now, you are home – America ’s just sweet;

Ocean of peace, I pray for you,

Resting on your Birthday, your wishes come true

America is indebted to you as I to her

Letting me have a meaningful life ever

Sweetly you took me home, your home.

Knowing only small deeds I can do,                   

I am writing this Happy Birthday poem for you…


Linh Duy Vo

November 28, 2006 ©




For Miss Saigon

The Unforgettable Aussie




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