Dear Papa-San,
My conviction is that without the Vietnam Veterans Memorial standing up to Communism, the Berlin Wall wouldn't have been felled. Thank you for having been there, Vietnam, done that, for Freedom and Liberty, for others and me...  Linh Duy Vo

A Candle for Operation Homecoming  USA

With incense, a candle, a grateful heart, I bow
Your spirits live on from the hills to the deep jungles
From the rice paddies to the flowing Mekong River
Ever since the VC bullets took you down in battles

Your Souls transcended the earth soaked with your blood
You left your parents, siblings, wife, children and your camaraderie
But your supernatural being will forever exist
Your ultimate sacrifice will always embrace American destiny

You came home to face those who had wished you ill
They'd rather fight Communist expansionism in the Heartland
They wanted to see you lose
Your Mission of Freedom for all, they did not understand

The darkness of Communism came to cover South Vietnam
After the last American flag was folded from the Saigon skies
Thirty years have passed with you holding onto your silence
Operation Homecoming
USA now pays tribute to your ultimate sacrifice...

Linh Duy Vo
February 6, 2005 3:45 AM






"To write is to share.
If I do not wish to share, then my writing has no value."

.... I hear a yearning voice in my sleep from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  "Our dear baby-san Linh, God has blessed you with a gift of poetry that carries our voice of silence..."




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