The King of the Jews, the King of Pop


“He is the biggest star on Earth,” they eulogized.

They cried, laughed, prayed for the man they call King of Pop.

I was so touched by the broken-hearted 11-year-old Paris Jackson,

She said farewells to her beloved Daddy, her eyes filled with teardrops.


I am moved by the enlightenment the singer bestowed upon me,

Which I do not assume that the same offered to the world we coexist:

The lightened outer color of the king means the lightened inner side of me,

The suppression of stigma -- fear of being called a white racist.


From when man defined white as non-color?

It betrays the artistic concept in me, a colored man.

And whose race of that their blood is red not?

Jesus’ red blood poured on the Cross for us -- a freeman.


Thank You, America’s pilgrims on the ship Mayflower;

You discovered this land, so the land discovered God’s rainbow-hue

Your honor of being the Christian founding fathers must stand,

Those who came after to this “Rome” ought to do what Romans do.


It’s only humanity to preserve human consideration:

Knowing America would not have existed if it were not for worshiping Jesus Christ.

My children: we are privileged to come to America, not a right

Worship your native faiths freely, not demanding America to become your native.


To my children and their posterity I would say:

Dream not to be another king of pop -- action means more than singing.

Dream about knowledge, higher education, more wisdom;

Dream not of fame, for it’s oft-created by the magic of media-spin…


Linh Duy Vo

7 July 2009©

Poet’s Note:

In honor of pop singer Michael Jackson, as our President Barack Obama is proud of himself as the first black CEO in the White House, we Americans must stop putting ourselves down for the past segregation practice. Leave the American piece of history alone. Don’t try to fix it for it's already over. Ask the ghosts of President Abe Lincoln and The Rev. Martin Luther King…





©Copyright by Linh Duy Vo.  All rights reserved.