Linh Duy Vo
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Downey, CA 90240

November 11, 2004

Dear Papas-san Capt. (Ret.) Paul Faidley Sr and Col. (Ret.) Mike Bell,

Thank you for the memories in which I am grateful to cherish the time we gathered for a lunch in Dallas.  It seems not long ago.  As these words are being written, Major Paul Faidley Jr is stationed in Baghdad, fighting the terrorists before America being terrorized again.

This Veterans Day I pray that my burning wish will come true:  I wanted to go to Iraq for a week or two as an embedded poet -- as I am a writer in my own right with God's Blessing.

Right after the tragedy of September 11, I wrote a letter to President George W. Bush, via e-mail and also US post office, to volunteer to help our American soldiers in whatever capacity that I am blessed with.

Today, I am writing this letter to passionately ask you to help me find a way to go to Iraq to be with our Americans, so that I can capture their sacrifice with my pen and let it be reflected in my poetry.  Since I have published two volumes of poems collection, I can also do poetry reading, just like the USO and its entertainments for my Papas-san during the Vietnam War.

There are no ulterior motives in my quest to express my love and gratitude to this great land, America, and to you who have adopted me with love.  I was born a poet.  I am blessed to live a poet.

May God Bless you and America.  

Linh Duy Vo

A grateful American citizen who once was a refugee from Nam

. . . .  Even with one American soldier I will meet, I am just happy to say "Thank You, Sir, for giving your all for America's calling."
My pen will never be as great as Emily Dickinson's, but with my pure desire to pay tribute to the great sacrifice of America's sons and daughters going off to war, my pen will make her proud -- I so pray. It's a blessed calling.

"If I should die,
And you should live,
And time should gurgle on
And morn should beam
And noon should burn,
As it has usual done...."
-- Emily Dickinson

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