The soldier kissed his fiance goodbye,

He left for the war ten thousand miles from home

To protect his country from another September 11;

He gave her a promise ring, Godspeed, I will be home.

His tour of duty was near the end

The deserts seemed unfeeling to him,

He looked forward to marrying his sweetheart

But the roadside bomb cut short his dream


Linh Duy Vo
Autumn 2006




Dở Dang


Hn nhẹ mi tc thề bung xa

Ướt lệ, em buồn sẽ xa nhau

Ơn trn đ định đi ta thế

Nỗi niềm chn cất giữ ngn sau

Giọt nước mắt em, i giọt rượu

Linh hồn anh lịm đẫm cơn say

Im lặng em nhn anh nghing ng

Như gi đa xa những cuồn my

Hương tnh sao chợt nếm đắng, cay...


V Duy Linh
Autumn 2006



America's Christmas

Poems of love



A Mission


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