The sick man came to Virginia Tech University campus with two guns

He held onto his hatred like the suicide bomber in the streets of Baghdad

Thirty two intellectual human beings were cut down

The national treasure was abruptly blown up

Families were shattered instantly

The gunfire echoed a voice asking “why take others with you?”


A mother cried out for her young pretty Virginia Tech daughter

Is this a nightmare or a surreal tragedy?

Is this the end of the world?

A mirror for thirty-two families, she wanted not to be.

Her America mourns alongside the world,

Asking the gunman why he heartlessly destroyed the students’ journeys?


Ten thousand miles away, in the City of Ho Chi Minh

A rural Mother cried her heart out seeing her daughter’s picture,

It was taken with sixty-six naked young women. 

They were stripped and examined by a groom-to-be

The men came from South Korea searching for wives

The voiceless Mother wept, “Oh, God, why has this happened…?”


Americans cannot fathom what Saigon has become since her fall

How she is transformed by the Socialist Communist regime of Hanoi

Never mind what is seen by the eyes of the ordinary tourists

See through the faces of the very young girls for sale

Five, ten hundred dollars a female slave for a Taiwanese or a Korean man

Miss Saigon seemingly is insane, “Why has my South Vietnam come to this misery?”


Oh, the phantoms of 58,000-plus American Viet vets!

Please permeate my former land with your tears of compassion,

Squeeze the necks of the cold-hearted merchants.

The Mother named Việt Nam is so ashamed

Is there anything that Hanoi takes pride in?

Mother asks where is God the darkness of Communism?


Linh Duy Vo 
May 2007©





 © Copyright by Linh Duy Vo.  All rights reserved.