The Physician and the Poet


There is an aura of an angel in her,

The physician not like others

Helena, I poetically call her*

She radiates love, peace, the quiet waters


She called to order the test "cysticercosis"

The poet answered, he was so happy

For she is very much a sister to him

Chance of  hearing her voice seems a "destiny"


Oh my dear Rancho Los Amigos Hospital

You have given a home within a home

You've blessed me with many a friend

The sound of love echoed each time I listen to my metronome


Oh, Helena, my dear Rancho's doctor,

You invoked the name Aristotle**

He wrote of this ancient disease;

You help make a broken life become whole


Strange! How my life has wandered to this generous land,

It's a long story which I do not know where to begin

But I could read it on the Vietnam Veteran Wall

Where America each day finds healing


My dear sister and friend 

You have planted a seed in the poet inside me***

It has become a flower

Here is my short life, call it a grateful tree. . .


Linh Duy Vo

Sunday Morning 15 August 2009


*Dr. Chui is currently the director of USC's Neurology Dept.

**Aristotle was also a poet

***A meaningful gift of seed money for my book of poetry "Dear Daddy"


My Hometown Olympian




Copyright by Linh Duy Vo.  All rights reserved.