The Pulitzer Prize

It's okay, son, for having not won

A Pulitzer Prize for me.

It took your true life story

To write the poetic book "Dear Daddy."

My soul is still alive on the Viet Veteran Wall

See, you can touch me;

You can caress the depth of my healing scars.

For Peace I fought in the jungles of Vietnam

The same Peace we all died for in many wars.

Glad Nick Ut received the Pulitzer honor for his photo,

Your poems are blessed in many ways.

You won not the Columbia University’s certificate

But, many hearts you have touched across the land.

You won not the prestigious prize

Son, you have and always will win my heart.

I am the unknown American Soldier,

I am your Dear Daddy…

Linh Duy Vo
(The Boy in the Poem)
April 8, 1997 ©


"Dear Daddy" was nominated for a 1997 Pulitzer honor 
by Prof. John A. Phillips, Chairman
History Department, University of California at Riverside.
My deepest gratitude to Dr. Phillips.




A Mission


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