To Live, To Die: an Essay
(A thought on Easter 2005)

I wish to be authentic as a father, whose immeasurable love for my daughter can never be debated.

As a man to a man, I would ask Mr. Michael Schiavo to back off.  Things do go wrong in life, and nothing is wrong with that.  After all, over $1 million from medical malpractice award for Terri has been spent in Michael's control during the fifteen years of her condition.  He now has a lover and children with her.  As a father, Mr. Bob Schindler, alongside his wife Mary, raised Terri.  Not Michael.  Mary Schindler carried Terri in her womb for nine months; she went through pains to give her birth.  Not Michael Schiavo.

It's time for Terri to be allowed to come home to live or to die in the loving arms of her parents.  And for Michael Schiavo: go ahead and move on with your new life!  You have graciously taken care of Terri for fifteen years, why stop now?

If it was Terri's will to die, where is her living will?  Why did you not try to let her die within the first year of her vegetative condition?  Why eight years or fifteen years later?  Please, for God's sake, honor her parents' will.  Again, Mr. Schiavo, you did not give birth to Terri.

Linh Duy Vo



  Copyright by Linh Duy Vo.  All rights reserved.