Goodbye My Love 


From: Paul JacobsUSSKirkFF1087@
Date: 2006/09/05 Tue PM 02:15:24 CDT

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Subject: Ltr to RADM Donald  Roane,  USN Retired

Hi Linh: Attached please find a letter I sent to RADM  Donald P. Roane, USN Retired. He was our Destroyer Squadron Commander embarked in the USS KIRK. He played a vital role in this evacuation. I will forward the books to the Admiral once you have endorsed them.
Here is Mr. Richard L. Armitage address:
<<      >>
Linh: I need your home address to pass on to Armitage because he desires to send you a thank you note.  
Paul Jacobs

Hi Papa San,

America is like the raindrops and I am a little creature in the abandoned desert.  Your love for me is just that, the drops of rains...
I am to send you the set of copies of my poetry/history of a Viet refugee/recipient of love from USS KIRK and her America for the RADM.
Please give Papas San Donald Roane and Richrard Armitage my love and gratitude.

Linh baby san


1975 - 2010

Capt. Paul Jacobs

  USS Kirk Reunion 2007