Miss Liberty in the Eye of the Storm
Dedicated to Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice

Had it not been for more than four hundred thousand Americans
Who made the ultimate sacrifice,
Adolf Hitler would have the world in his control.
Had it not been for 58,000-plus Viet vets who never made it home,
The Berlin Wall would have not fallen.
September 11 terrorists took down the very symbol of  our World Freedom;
Miss Liberty is torn seeing Americans coming home in flag-draped coffins.
But what is it, if it's not the price for America's Liberty?

Linh Duy Vo
January 14, 2007

Poet's Note:

May my poetic thought be in defense of Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, former Provost of Stanford University, who is deeply  loved by millions of Americans, as Senator Barbara Boxer attempted to promote her Democrat Party's agenda by making a remark of Miss Rice's very private, personal life. My being connected with Miss Rice is that of my being a
Stanford Parent - daughter Tam, Class of 2006. 



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Copyright by Linh Duy Vo.  All rights reserved.