My Beloved Miss Liberty


In the eyes of an artist

You are so beautiful

In the eyes of a historian

You are the torch of liberty for the world

In the heart of the poet inside me you are my life…

My eternal gratitude to you and America's sons and daughters

To the very first explorers whom you sent out to sea

To the American History that a poem can never recite

To God and Country and Founding Fathers,

Because of their God they found this Country, the U.S.A.

You opened your arms for those who passed through Ellis Island

You took me in when I came to another corner called Camp Pendleton

On the day Saigon fell

My life in freedom here has me witness your deeds of humanity

Your tears still roll down on your face

Seeing your sons and daughters pay their ultimate sacrifice

On behalf of citizens of the world

But the world out there stands not in one,

Appreciating the generosity of this land

But generosity has its limitations

America cannot live life for all under the sun

America cannot take the heat of the so-called racism indefinitely,

She cannot be forever exploited in this sentiment for the gains of the unscrupulous

I am your witness…

I am not white

I am yellow

If any Asian like myself wants a perfect country

He can leave as I would…



Linh Duy Vo

22 July 2009©

A grateful naturalized American


On the day President Obama called Police Officer Crowley “stupid.”






© Copyright by Linh Duy Vo.  All rights reserved.