An American Song

(Dedicated to The Nobel Prize Committee 2009)


The Potomac River just woke up

As the sun gives her a good morning kiss,

Autumn is approaching, the leaves to change colors...

From a snowy town far far away

An intrusive call descends upon the American soldier:

"Hey, your commander in chief won the Nobel Peace Prize!"

He feels a sudden sharp pain in his chest

He lays his M-16, wiping the sweat from his face

He realizes an Al-Qaeda sniper can cut him off

He crawls into a shallow cave to shield his body

He feels so lonely as never before.

"What a shoddy job Nobel Committee!" the soldier mumbles,

"I am still going after the bastard terrorists..."

The GI wants to roar with anger, piercing this eerie Afghan desert

"Oh God and Country, save our America!

Don't let a sign of recognition seduce Mr. Obama;

The politicians don't know what my fighting buddies know

'Peace' is only in the realm of the abstract,

Unlike science: medicine, physics, chemistry...

Please do not betray Mr. Nobel

By inserting your strategy inside his honor, Nobel Committee..."

At a place somewhere in the U.S.A.,

A born poet misses so much his Papa San

Whose soul is resting in peace

His name engraved on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

He prays for his Viet Vet Daddy,

And for the patriots who have given America their all...


Linh Duy Vo

13 October 2009


Poet's Note: Please consider nominating this piece of poetry -- as any reader like yourself can -- for a Pulitzer prize honor. Though I am skeptical about it, I want to consider the thought of doing this as a token of honoring our benevolent American soldiers who presently are stationed everywhere just to procure peace for us, the American citizens.






Copyright by Linh Duy Vo.  All rights reserved.