The Waterboarding and the Torture


You condemned the U.S. 43rd President for Waterboarding?

“Torture,” you called it!

Consider your interpretation is true to a Harvard Law Reviewer.

Consider it’s true that “waterboarding” was called upon by the 3000 lost Souls,

They save America from another devastating 9/11 attack.

Oh, give the man named like Osama, Hussein, Mohammad his due credit;

He chose to destroy The Twin Towers

He chose to murder the passengers of the U.S. airlines,

Stripping travelers of their dignity in removing their personal belongings;

Waterboarding means nothing to him, he pre-chose it!

In his fanaticism, suicide-killing infidels is honoring his gods,

He laughs at our Obama’s generosity and “looking-good”

For waterboarding pales in comparison to Viet Cong’s diabolic Hoa Lo prison,

An unforgettable slaughterhouse to my American Viet Vet Daddy…


Linh Duy Vo

Memorial Day 2009©

A grateful American citizen who once was a refugee



For The Best Interest of My Country

Memorial Day 2009, a photo essay




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