"I, Barack Hussein Obama, solemnly swear that I will execute the Office of the President of The United States faithfully..." 


For The Best Interest of My Country

           (Dedicated to the U.S. Presidency)

I am the Oval Office, welcome!

I am nestled within the beating heart of America.

The surroundings have been blessed with green pastures,

Beside the quiet waters of Potomac river.

How can I describe myself

When I am humbled by your presence?

You make me feel alive,

You give me honor as you think you’re also honored.

I shall not see you clad with bare shirts or shorts

I shall not see irreverent Americans working here

As if I were not worthy of your respect

My tears are still warm over the blue dress

But, you know, I am forgiving as my heavenly Father’s transformed me;

Welcome to my world, The Oval Office…


Linh Duy Vo

20 January 2009©


Poet's Note: I am impressed by the love that President Obama showed to the life of President Abraham Lincoln.

May the Lincoln Bedroom be kept sacred as opposed to President Bill Clinton's use of it.

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