Thanksgiving 2011            Thanksgiving...    Thanksgiving to America...


Another last Thursday of November -- 2011-- has just passed,

It’s my 36th Thanksgiving, just yesterday.

The first one I had when I was 19, a refugee from a war-torn country

Where America ’s 58,000-plus soldiers gave their lives for the lands of the free

Just like now, nearly 5,000 Americans had died fighting the cruel terrorists

Yes, they gave up their lives for the world in which we live.


Another last Thursday of November shall come:

Shall I wait till then to ponder on my debt of love and gratitude?

My Viet Vet hero: THANK YOU…


Linh Duy Vo

Friday, November 25, 2011



Thank You to Rancho

You are my dear Family

Nurses, doctors, all… 



Rancho Metaphor


I, 35 years ago, was lost;

Countryless, alone, homeless…

I could have been drown in the unquiet sea

Had it been not for your American love for me.


Linh Duy Vo

12 June ’11, 23:08 (18 days before early retirement ... 55)


    Gran Torino de Rancho

Thank You to Sister

For the '87 Corvette

The retirement gift…






A Mission


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