Our U.S.A. Flag, taken out of DAO Headquarters, Tan Son Nhut Airport, Saigon, 29 April 1975.

I am honored to be entrusted to by Louis Schuster in honor of the Last Commanding General of the Vietnam War.

Photo taken on July 4, 2007.


For the Last Commanding General in the Vietnam War
...I see in the Last Commanding General a symbol of the 58,000-plus souls on The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and he is a symbol of America's sons and daughters, who, for better or worse, have answered the call of our nation during the Vietnam War.

The general took a picture from his wallet
He reminisces about his first date 
It is the photo of his wife who is resting in peace
The sweet memories lie in one's fate

People love him for who he is
He is so gentle, understanding and sweet
He knows they care for him regardless of his two stars
One can say how likable he is when they meet

He is now walking towards the sunset
America is proud of him
He has done so much for the Viet refugees
He has made a difference for many a communists' victim

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In Your Name
(Dedicated to General Homer Smith)

Happy Father's Day to you
Once upon a time, you saved my life
My deep feeling for you, a father figure
Euphemism for Papa-San
Reverence for our beloved American General...